Connected World Expo is the premier B2B showcase for the next generation of smart technologies and services to support the Internet of Things.

From machinery in manufacturing plants to in-vehicle systems and heart monitors, smart devices are ready to start talking, in a vast ‘Internet of Things’.

At Connected World Expo, the premier B2B showcase for the next generation of smart technologies, attendees will learn how the latest advances are enabling intelligent appliances, meters and sensors to report on their status, convey data about their environment and receive instructions remotely. More importantly, attendees will get a real sense of where these advances in technology are heading - and what that means for their own businesses, in terms of improved productivity, efficiency and growth.

Industry analysts believe that the Internet of Things will be the fastest technology growth area over the next few years, with 50 billion devices coming online by 2020. At Connected World Expo, expert sessions will guide attendees through the strategies and best practices required to stay one step ahead of the curve. The event’s experiential hub, meanwhile, will offer a wealth of case studies and demonstrations of the solutions on offer from specialist vendors and service providers in the market.

No industry sector will be untouched by the Internet of Things. Connected World Expo offers attendees a unique opportunity to network with peers, exchange ideas and explore game-changing technologies, to arrive at a better understanding of how they can best exploit an emerging world of ubiquitous connectivity and smart devices.

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Learn about emerging standards in IoT

Hear how organisations are building IoT architectures with interoperability at their core. Unlock the latest thinking on IoT data formats and be guided by best practice on networking protocols

Speak to experts on IoT security

Identify risks for your own business and hear how privacy concerns should addressed.

Assess the IoT skills of different providers

Compare their IoT experience in your industry sector and identify the help and advice your organisation needs.

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